Friday, April 23, 2010


Our two poems for today cover a similar theme, albeit very differently.

Slam poet Gayle Danley is a treat. (I would say her work is for middle school and up, btw.)

Gayle's 5 Steps to Slam
By Gayle Danley

Step 1: Begin with a life experience, good or bad. Take that event and write it down.
Step 2: Read it aloud.
Step 3: Trim it down. Take away the excess — everything that is not "heart."
Step 4: Repeat step two. Be sure not to trim too much.
Step 5: "Add the flavor." Let yourself go. Incorporate your personality.

Gayle spoke at this year's National Association for Poetry Therapy conference.


Meadowlark Mending Song
by Margaret Hasse

What hurt you today
was taken out of your heart
by the meadowlark
who slipped the silver needle
of her song
in and out of the grey day
and mended what was torn.

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