Friday, June 20, 2008

Between What I Dream and What I Forget

Nobel Prize-winning poet Octavio Paz, who was born in Mexico in 1914.

Entre lo que veo y digo,
entre lo que digo y callo,
entre lo que callo y sueño,
entre lo que sueño y olvido,
la poesía.

English translation:

Between what I see and what I say,
Between what I say and what I keep silent,
Between what I keep silent and what I dream,
Between what I dream and what I forget,


an excerpt from No More Clichés
By Octavio Paz

This poem is dedicated to those women
Whose beauty is in their charm,
In their intelligence,
In their character,
Not on their fabricated looks.

This poem is to you women,
That like a Scheherazade wake up
Everyday with a new story to tell,
A story that sings for change
That hopes for battles...
...To you, fighter of a thousand-and-one fights
To you, friend of my heart.

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sheree said...

Brilliant dedication.